Seven Generations Flower Essence: Healing the Bloodline




•••{Healing The Bloodline}•••
This vibratory essence assists in undertaking journey work to recover and shine loving awareness on the experiences and past traumas of one’s ancestors and one’s own past lives. Seven Generations Essence assists in creating a container of spaciousness and love while recovering the information being sought. Additionally, it aids in remaining present and grounded in the physical realm, maintaining compassion for those family members and people currently in one’s life. It reminds us that we are all one, and the healing we do now is for the good of all beings: past, future, and present. It aids in engaging in our Journey work and everyday life with loving awareness, possibly our most powerful healing tool. Made in Hawaii with essences of Rose, Chakruna, Gardenia + Passionflower, maternal and paternal altar totems, and Rose Quartz crystal.


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