Gardenia Flower Essence




Gardenia’s medicine is the sweetness of now, and Gardenia promotes seeing the beauty blossoming in the present moment. Gardenia offers the wisdom of choice. There is a choice, each moment, of how to view something. We can view it from perspectives developed due to past cyclical relationships or societal/familial conditioning, or we can refresh our perspective with each experience, giving our loved ones and ourselves a clean slate. Gardenia helps us to sort through the perceptions and patterns we may have taken on from past relationships and offers the opportunity to lay to rest any that we wish to leave behind, allowing us to move forward in new relationships with a freshened vantage point. The influences of family members and the patterns we have with them can be very strong. When we find ourselves bound in these patterns, Gardenia helps break the cycle by awakening clarity, love, and forgiveness. All are innocent, clear, and free in the eyes of Grace. Gardenia offers acceptance of growth and change, and helps us to awaken a deep compassion within. Being present in the beauty of now means you don’t need to dig down to the roots to see the sweetness of what is in front of you.



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