Rose Flower Essence




The plant spirit of Rose teaches us to match all of the aspects of ourselves with the vibration of love and radiance. It shares that this is the way to heal the present, past and future generations. Rose flower essence activates the Radiant Self so that we can beam love light inward and outward. Rose promises glowing skin and shining eyes to those who befriend her and take the time to listen to her lessons. She comforts us in tim of shock and grief, and encourages the gentle shifting of focus from fear and hardship to love and forgiveness. Her light removes black clouds of Karmic dust from the auric field, encouraging feelings of freedom from emotional debris. Rose invites us to root into the true Self as pure universal love and honors the courageous, open, pulsing heart. Align with the frequency of love and watch your karma gently fall away, like a petal. Rose offers aid to those undertaking ancestry work and the healing of their bloodline.

This essence was made with sunlight infused water and rose quartz crystal love energy in Puna, Hawaii.

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