Moon Water | Vol. 4: Dream Journey {Mugwort, Lavender and Tulsi}



M o o n  W a t e r

Pure handcrafted hydrosol + flower essence mists intuitively formulated under the phases of the moon

Vol 4: D R E A M  J O U R N E Y: New Moon in Scorpio

{ inner guidance : dream symbols : mental rest }

Tulsi and Lavender Hydrosols with Mugwort Flower Essence

•Tulsi Hydrosol: Harmony and rapture, restful sleep, rejuvination of depletion, connection with true nature

•Lavender Hydrosol: Spiritual cleanse, soul soothing, perceptive acuity, protection

•Mugwort Flower Essence: Inner guidance, dream activation, reflection, release, forgiveness, return toward source

*gently scented with naturally occurring aroma molecules contained within alembic copper distilled hydrosols

*enhanced with flower essences for vibrational alignment

*essential oil free

~suggested uses:

*Mist face, space and body, hair as desired and inhale


*Pillow, Linen + fabric mist

*herbal accompaniment to lunar rituals

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA






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