Plumeria Flower Essence~ Restoration : Vibrational Remedy




Plumeria ~ Restoration

The Spirit of Plumeria guides us to lighten up our dark memories and restore them in a way that is healthy and useful for us. In this way, we are free and clear to think in new ways and perceive the world from a place of empowered sweetness. Plumeria Flower Essence is appropriate for when we feel haunted by memories, are bothered by repetitive thoughts, or when we are feeling victimized, traumatized, or in a brain fog. Plumeria helps us to re-write our story and resotre trust where there has been trauma. When we are no longer bogged down by our past and experience related thought addiction, our brains are free to function on a whole new level of optimism. Plumeria shows us the link between optimism and optimal functioning. Rewire, Restore, and Create new pathways to Joy and Understanding with Plumeria.

To Use:
Shake well and administer 1-3 drops under the tongue or in water. Can also place a few drops in bathwater, laundry, in a spritzer, or as you feel intuitively guided to best meet your needs and routine.



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