Patchouli Flower Essence

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Patchouli flower essence assists with relaxing into the healings gifts of peace and spirit, and gently guides the heart, throat, and third eye chakras into alignment. The patchouli flower reminds us that the body is a temple, and assists in caring for our bodies as the home of Great Spirit within. The more we can relax into a state of peace, the more we can absorb and integrate the love around us, and in turn radiate and spread positive vibrations. When we are aligned with peaceful feelings and intents, we awaken to our mind and body’s natural ability to heal and be well. Patchouli reminds us that thoughts and words have a great rippling effect. As such, she helps us to become aware of thought patterns that are not in harmony with our inner peace, and release them before they can take the shape of a word. Patchouli reminds us to care for and love one another, in thought, word, and deed, and activates the healing potential contained in and channeled through our hands. As such, it is a great essence for those active in or interested in massage, Reiki, and the healing arts.

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1 review for Patchouli Flower Essence

  1. Maile Melcher (verified owner)

    I am a huge fan of this plant, and have found myself constantly being pulled and tugged by this plant! Hence a huge reason why I chose this Flower Essence, along with my amazing Custom Plant Spirit Ally Bundle, to assist me in my future travels. Each vial contains 300 drops, and each drop is more precious than you might realize! Thank you SO much for this, Shawn!

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