Ohia Lehua Flower Essence





The vibrational essence made from this tree and flower is deeply rooted in Hawaiian tradition and myth. Its teachings speak to us of maintaining a vibrational connection with source and our ancestors. This connection will bring us comfort when we are yearning for union with loved ones and lost parts of ourselves, or are longing for more time. It releases the tension around not having enough time and reminds us that there is time and space to attend to everything we wish. Ohia Lehua essence assists in feeling the totality and power of our whole selves, as we are the union of masculine and feminine energy and both are contained in our every cell. The feminine side is nourishing and spiritual, while the masculine side is wise and grounded. When we vibrate from this space of completeness within, we attract to us the people/experiences/relationships we are longing for. The Ohia tree is one of the first to grow out of the lava, the new earth created by Pele, the volcano Goddess of the Big Island. Its roots reach deep down under the lava, grounding it in what has come before. We can become like the Ohia, using our ancestry as a foundation for new growth, even after seemingly destructive forces. Aligns Root and Crown Chakras.

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