Tulsi Flower Essence (Holy Basil)




Tulsi Flower Essence:
Focus • Purpose • Bliss

Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is an essence with rich sensual-spiritual roots. Tulsi assists in channeling prana down from the crown chakra and up from the soles of the feet, meeting at the heart. The result is an elevated state of focused awareness in the physical body, or an integration of spiritual energy with physicality and the senses. When suddenly everything looks a little sharper, smells a little sweeter, and sounds a little clearer, you are under the enchanting spell of Holy Basil. Tulsi is tonifying and balancing to the subtle bodies, and assists in tuning into the subtle life force radiating from all things. Tulsi essence promotes restful sleep and rejuvenation of depleted conditions, and assists with understanding our true nature.


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