Inner Calm Flower Essence Blend~ Vibrational Remedy: Rose, Gardenia + Patchouli

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Inner Calm Flower Essence~ Vibrational Remedy for Peace and Calm

Inner Calm Flower Essence promotes feelings of peace and calm within as you walk through day-to-day experiences. Brings thoughtfulness and care to speech and assists with using words to create peace, love and beauty. Assists in resolving feelings from old conflicts and refreshing one’s viewpoint regarding relationships with loved ones and their accompanying patterns. Encourages Self Love and acceptance, and assists in resting for a good night’s sleep.


The plant spirit of Rose teaches us to match all of the aspects of ourselves with the vibration of love and radiance. It shares that this is the way to heal the present, past and future generations. Rose flower essence activates the Radiant Self so that we can beam love light inward and outward. Rose promises glowing skin and shining eyes to those who befriend her and take the time to listen to her lessons. She comforts us in tim of shock and grief, and encourages the gentle shifting of focus from fear and hardship to love and forgiveness. Her light removes black clouds of Karmic dust from the auric field, encouraging feelings of freedom from emotional debris. Rose invites us to root into the true Self as pure universal love and honors the courageous, open, pulsing heart. Align with the frequency of love and watch your karma gently fall away, like a petal. Rose offers aid to those undertaking ancestry work and the healing of their bloodline.

Gardenia’s medicine is the sweetness of now, and Gardenia promotes seeing the beauty blossoming in the present moment. Gardenia offers the wisdom of choice. There is a choice, each moment, of how to view something. We can view it from perspectives developed due to past cyclical relationships or societal/familial conditioning, or we can refresh our perspective with each experience, giving our loved ones and ourselves a clean slate. Gardenia helps us to sort through the perceptions and patterns we may have taken on from past relationships and offers the opportunity to lay to rest any that we wish to leave behind, allowing us to move forward in new relationships with a freshened vantage point. The influences of family members and the patterns we have with them can be very strong. When we find ourselves bound in these patterns, Gardenia helps break the cycle by awakening clarity, love, and forgiveness. All are innocent, clear, and free in the eyes of Grace. Gardenia offers acceptance of growth and change, and helps us to awaken a deep compassion within. Being present in the beauty of now means you don’t need to dig down to the roots to see the sweetness of what is in front of you.

Patchouli assists in relaxing into the healings gifts of peace and spirit, and gently guides the heart, throat, and third eye chakras into alignment. The patchouli flower reminds us that the body is a temple, and assists in caring for our bodies as the home of Great Spirit within. The more we can relax into a state of peace, the more we can absorb and integrate the love around us, and in turn radiate and spread positive vibrations. When we are aligned with peaceful feelings and intents, we awaken to our mind and body’s natural ability to heal and be well. Patchouli reminds us that thoughts and words have a great rippling effect. As such, she helps us to become aware of thought patterns that are not in harmony with our inner peace, and release them before they can take the shape of a word. Patchouli reminds us to care for and love one another, in thought, word, and deed, and activates the healing potential contained in and channeled through our hands. As such, it is a great essence for those active in or interested in massage, Reiki, and the healing arts.

Together these Plant Spirits combine to transport your vibration to a grounded space of Inner Calm, Peace + Wellness <3


1 review for Inner Calm Flower Essence Blend~ Vibrational Remedy: Rose, Gardenia + Patchouli

  1. Laura

    I just received my order and I have ordered flower essences from different places over the years and this has never happened to me before. First she included this beautiful leaf with a breath taking smell that gave this experience of opening my package a wonderful touch (I really want to know what leaf this is). I then placed the bottle still wrapped up in my hand and felt a SUPER strong soothing presence, I put it in my heart and it felt like heaven, extremely grounding and soothing. This has never happened to me before. She is the real deal, she takes this stuff seriously. I am so glad I gave her a chance. I tend to not order Bach Remedies because they are mass produced and I don’t feel they are effective but there isn’t a doubt in my heart/soul her product is quality stuff. Thank for doing this work, you clearly have a calling for it! Bless your heart. -Counselor with Moon in Pisces 🙂

    • honestowlherbal

      Hello Beautiful Soul,

      Thank you for answering your intuitions pull to order an Honest Owl flower essence. I started making flower essences available because the plants really pushed me to do so and I wanted to honor my oath of devotion to Gaia. Each essence has been collected with love from around the world, with the bulk of the flower essence collection being collected on the Big Island of Hawaii, to which I am so thankful for the core wisdom that pulses through the land there. While based on the foundational work of Dr. Bach, the flower essences from the Honest Owl collection are all collected and blended by myself and sometimes a community of people that have gathered for the purpose. Thank you for your interest and feedback. I am stoked to hear about your positive experience. Best!

      Shawn Marie

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