The Spiral Path: Flower Essence Consultation



Spiral Path flower essence therapy is a consultative ceremony that uses the universal patterns of nature to provide a framework for understanding how various energies are reflected in your life. Five flower essences are intuitively chosen and arranged, one in each spoke of the compass, and one in the center representing the heart’s essence, the place out of space and time. Integrating the energy, symbolism, and creative wisdom of the essences and their coordinating direction, you begin to see a map of where you have been, where you are now, and where you are going. As the flowers speak throughout the reading, you receive nature’s wisdom, guidance + insights for your personal journey. The essences that ask to work with you are blended together and charged with Reiki energy. Following the reading, a Reiki healing ceremony is prepared.

Reiki is love light energy channeled through the hands through the use of sacred symbols + focused loving awareness. When combined with flower essences, Reiki energy helps to activate the essences healing vibrations and send them deep into the body. In distance Reiki treatments, Reiki energy is infused into a crystal or gemstone, and you will receive this stone in addition to your personal essence blend + care package. The details of this personal ceremony unfold as guided by the collective energies present.

Each Ceremony is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours and includes your custom flower essence blend.


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