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~More and more we find eachother connected as women through the sacred rite of menstruation. We connect in song and spirit in the Moon Lodge, our gathering place for sharing stories, dreams, wisdoms, celebrations, sufferings, premonitions, hopes, and sacred blood transmissions. We gather to support the release of our collective wombs, of this cycles lessons, of what is no longer needed in our bodies, of what is needed in the Earth. As we tune in together and shed our blood, we tune into the heart beat of the Earth and she shares her stories. We hear together the songs of our Grandmothers, of our Animal and Plant Guides, our Angels, all who are praying to us, the divine feminine. Whether or not we have a physical Moon Lodge or Red Tent to gather in, we are connected each month as we release our beautiful blood.

~This balm was created in the Spirit of the Moon Lodge. Handcrafted in small batches with love and intention. Contains: Hawaiian macadamia and coconut oil, castor oil, wildcrafted mugwort and beach rose, ginger, beeswax &essential oils of white Sage, lavender, and sandalwood.

~Supports comfort, release, and ceremony during moontime. Mugwort supports blood flow and hormonal balance in the physical body, while encouraging deep spiritual cleansing and self connection energetically. Artemis (Mugwort) is a plant goddess who is fabled for her power to escort lingering spirits and energies from the physical body back to source. She inspires our dreams and intuition, offers protection and prophetic guidance. Ginger assists in relieving menstrual cramps and encourages blood flow, while Rose uplifts the heart and spirit, helps us care for our grief, helps us to gently release karma, and supports emotional harmony. Combined with therapeutic grade essential oils, this balm offers support for creating healthy rituals for shedding the old and creating space for the new, and encourages inward intuitive connection.

~Suggested use:

Massage on womb and or breasts during bleeding time to support healthy flow and release of energy. can also massage neck, shoulders, and feet as we store and release energy in these places as well. Can also be used to help bring on delayed menstruation /break up stagnant blood and energies in the uterus. Place a small amount (pea to blueberry sized) in hands and massage as needed. Start with a little, notice effects, and adjust in harmony with your body’s needs. Share with a bleeding sister.

Made with Wildcrafted Mugwort + Beach Rose

~Not appropriate for pregnancy



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