Custom Intuitive Botanical Perfume



One of a kind Perfume blends made in the essence of you. Together we create an aroma-visual aid to support you on your journey. Start by connecting about the energies you wish to cultivate and/or identifying your own inner knowing, personal preferences, plant allies and attractions. Choosing from a variety of Base Oil infusions (wildcrafted Hawaiian, homegrown or organic plants and flowers infusions in Raw Local Macadamia or Coconut Oils), we build your personal perfume by adding a blend of Premium, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Flower and Leaf Vibrational Visual Accents, and Gem Vibrational Visual Accents. Receive guidance from an experienced Herbalist and practice your connection with your own intuition as you create and receive your own beautiful Botanical Perfume.

Served up in a 10 ml glass swirl roller bottle + Reiki Charged




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