Slumber Serum – Aromatherapy for Peaceful Sleep | Chamomile, Rosemary + Sodalite


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S L U M B E R  S E R U M

{ Aromatherapy for Peaceful Sleep }

Chamomile x Rosemary x Sodalite

Slumber Serum is a grounding and sweet aromatherapy blend formulated to support a peaceful nights rest. Made with three varieties of calming chamomile blended in a base of protective rosemary and nerve relaxing lemonbalm infused oils. A sodalite roller ball enhances the dreamy, ethereal qualities of this nighttime ritual oil.

A closer look at the plant and gem allies:

Chamomile {blue x cape x roman} | prized in aromatherapy for its affinity for calming the nerves, easing the mind,  and body, and relieving stress and tension. a trifecta of chamomile varieties offers a full scent profile from heady and herbal to sticky and sweet.

Rosemary | recommended in herbalism for its gentle, protective energy. It is known in folklore to shield a sleeper from nightmares, encouraging a deep, peaceful sleep.

Lemonbalm | known as a mood uplifter, lemonbalm eases the mind and spirit and provides a sense of well being that is conducive to rest and relaxation.

Blue Cypress | revered in aromatherapy for its profoundly grouding and clearing qualities, blue cypress offers anchoring, integrative energy to the whole.

Sodalite | known as the harmonizer stone, sodalite is known to soothe the adrenals, releasing tension and fear, encouraging a connection to truth, intuition and self acceptance.

Scent: light, clean and fresh

Chakras: root, third eye, crown

Physical qualities: anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, nerve supportive

Energetic qualities: grounding, cleansing, calming, protective, refreshing



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