Inner Calm ~ Plant Spirit Perfume ~ Nervous System Support Aroma Oil



~Inner Calm~ Plant Spirit Perfume

This delicate, sweet + floral Aromatherapy roller has been a dream in the making. Made with Therapeutic Essential Oils blended in Patchouli infused Sunflower Oil, with Vitamin E, Flower Essences, Frankincense Resin and Hawaiian Beach combed glasses, shells, and natural gemstones. The Ingredients in this Perfume have been selected for their Relaxing, Soothing, Calming and Heart Warming qualities to assist in supporting the Nervous System, Relieving Stress and Anxiety, Encouraging Sleep and Rest, and Feeling a sense of Centered Calm and Peace.

The Plant Allies:

Rose Otto: Rose vibrates to the heart chakra bringing healing, warming and uplifting energy to our souls and spirit~ Rose encourages Radiance and Beauty

German Chamomile: A Deliciously Sweet Aroma, this oil provides a Blue Hue, bringing cooling and calming energy and gently activating the throat chakra. Chamomile has many gifts, including assisting with inflammation, digestion, preparing for sleep, relaxation and soothing tension.

Patchouli: Helps our bodies to detox, rest and be at peace to receive the healing energy around us. Patchouli also helps us to bring awareness to our speech, assisting in choosing to speak in a way that spreads love and peace.

Lavender: Helps to bring us Clarity and Peace of Mind, Cleanses our Spirit, and Clears the way for that AAaaaah moment of utter relaxation.

Frankincense Resin: An ancient healer, this Resin assists us with balance, harmony + self awareness.

Inner Calm Flower Essence Blend: (Rose, Gardenia + Patchouli) Promotes feelings of peace and calm within as you walk through day-to-day experiences. Brings thoughtfulness and care to speech and assists with using words to create peace, love and beauty. Assists in resolving feelings from old conflicts and refreshing one’s viewpoint regarding relationships with loved ones and their accompanying patterns. Self Love and acceptance.

Together these Plant Spirits combine to transport your vibration to a grounded space of Inner Calm, Peace + Wellness <3

Blended with Love in a 10 ML Glass Aromatherapy Roller with Beach Combed Hawaiian Seaglass, Raw Resin + Dried Wild Botanicals



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