Earth Song~ Aromatherapy Smudge Oil | Palo Santo, Holy Basil and Copal



Earth Song~ Aromatherapy Smudge Oil | Palo Santo, Holy Basil + Copal

Earth Song is a collection of Gaia’s ceremonial resins, woods + flowers brought together in an herbal infused and aromatherapeutic oil vial. Perfect as a smokeless smudge and anointing oil, or as a sweet and smoky purifying perfume or cologne.

The Plant Spirits:

~Palo Santo: a sweet + earthy wood, used ceremoniously to cleanse and invite in blessings. Supports bringing our minds into balance with our heart frequency.

~Holy Basil: A brain and nervous system tonic, stimulates our senses, and offers a spicy floral aroma. Supports peaceful sleep, alertness when awake, vitality, and inspiration.

~Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood: A smoky and musky wood, used ceremoniously for grounding + harmonizing energy. Guides the body to find harmonious balance, nourishes the skin, and stabilizes body rythms.

~Black + White Copal Resin: Purifying resins used ceremoniously to cleanse energy, invite spirit and connect with ancestors and enlightened beings. Supports looking deeply within and holding a beacon of light in the darkness.

Suggested Uses:

~Roll on liberally as desired, on pulse points, chakras, heart center, wrists or anywhere else you’d like to bless your body.

~ Set a personal smudge routine in the morning or evenings before bed by speaking a daily intention, mantra or prayer and applying Earth Song Oil. The scent throughout the day or evening will bring you back to center.

~Use Earth Song Smudge Oil in Rituals + Ceremonies to anoint each being and harmonize the collective energy.

Unisex Scent

Organic Sunflower Oil infused with Patchouli + Yarrow, Essential Oils of Palo Santo, Holy Basil, Hawaiian Sandalwood + Copaiba, Raw Plant Accents of Cedar Leaf, Tulsi Flower, White Copal Resin, and Breu Claro Copal Resin. LOVE



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