Mellow Mystic~ Herbal Aroma Oil: Violet, Lavender + Davana




Mellow Mystic~ Herbal Aroma Oil: Violet, Damiana, Lavender + Davana

A sweet and earthy blend with hints of camphor, this delightful herbal oil is reminiscent of enchanted and romantic walks in the forest. Mellow Mystic supports relaxed openness, inner vision, and sensual acuity that inspires awe + rapture with the world.

Playfully formulated with Plants that sooth and calm the nerves and quiet the mind, while awakening vivid sensual perception.  Vibrates to tbe sacral and third eye chakras.

Made with wild violet + damiana infused in a base of pure sunflower oil and blended with therapeutic grade essential oils of Lavender, Fir Needle, Cape Chamomile, Davana + Hawaiian Sandalwood.

Simply roll on pulse points as desired and enjoy deepening inner + outer Rapture!

Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Violet, Damiana, Rose, Cinnamon, Lavender Essential Oil, Fir Needle Essential Oil, Davana Essential Oil, Cape Chamomile Essential Oil, Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil ‚̧



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