Moon Lodge – Parfum de Femme | Steam Distilled Sage, Mugwort + Rose


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More and more we find each other connected as women through our mysterious relationship to the moon and our wombs. We connect in song and spirit in the Moon Lodge, our gathering place for sharing stories, dreams, wisdoms, celebrations, sufferings, premonitions, hopes, and sacred blood transmissions. We gather to support our collective release; of this cycles lessons, of what is no longer needed in our bodies, of what is needed in the Earth. As we gather, we tune into the heart beat of the Earth and she shares her stories. We hear together the songs of our Grandmothers, of our Animal and Plant Guides, our Angels, all who are praying to us and for us, the divine feminine. Whether or not we have a physical moon lodge or red tent to gather in, we are connected through our lunar cycles in feminine rythm.

Moon Lodge Parfum de Femme is created in celebration of the divine feminine network of support, passion and creativity. Made with steam distilled mugwort, sage and beach rose with touches of sandalwood and lavender, this ceremonial perfume is heart centering, cleansing, grounding and supportive.  A smoky, sweet aroma reminiscent of a burning smudge wand to call forth the sacred connection of sisterhood from within.

Handcrafted in small batches with Steam Distilled Hydrosols, Flower Essences and Essential Oils.


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