Hibiscus Flower Essence~ Clarity + Renewal Vibrational Remedy




Hibiscus Flower Essence
~Clarity + Renewal~

The Spirit of Hibiscus helps us to rejuvenate our spirit through cycles of deep self care. Through nurturing ourselves, we restore Vibrancy and Richness that radiates from the inside out.

Just as Hibiscus Tea restores and replenishes our bodies with essential vitamins and minerals when we are fatigued, Hibiscus Flower Spirit Medicine guides us to restoring our levels of vitality and harmony when we are emotional fatigued or spiritually weary. When we have fully replenished ourselves, our senses become plumper, we have enthusiasm for life, our creativity and sensuality fills us up and spills out to others.

Call upon Hibiscus to support nurturance, nutrition, cleansing + restoration. ?

Chakras: Root, Sacral and Heart


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