Root Chakra Flower Essence




Root Chakra Flower Essence

Birth • Ritual Space • Safety • Foundation

Explore the Root of perception and build foundations for growth. Root chakra flower essence supports grounding, care of the physical body, and building feelings of safety and security.

Through our root, we connect with the Earth and our ancestors. We can rely on this connection to nurture and nourish us. When the root chakra is balanced and sealed, we expand, moving into creative abundance.

Through our Root, we connect to our personal Ritual space, our primal instincts, and prepare the ceremonial space for Birth to blossom forth.

This channeled Elixir contains Essences of Purple Sweet Potato Flower, Queen Anne’s Lace, Violet, Yarrow and Wai’pio Valley Stream Water, to help balance + access the Root Chakra.

To Use:
Breathe deeply, shake well and try any of the following:

~Administer 1-3 drops under the tongue, in water, tea or juice.

~Anoint pulse points, wrists, 3rd eye

~Hold the emerald bottle in your hand while bringing your attention and breath to chakra

~Enjoy a few drops before meditation, yoga and journey work

~Place 1-2 drops in warm bath + soak ?

~Administer orally or topically before bed and record dreams

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