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Co-Create a special gift for yourself or someone you love. Herbal Ally gift bundles are custom designed based on your intentions for the gift and the loving guidance of intuition <3 The intention is to find your or your loved ones personal Plant Allies. A plant ally is a helper from the plant kingdom that has a special affinity for you. When we connect with our plant allies we have the opportunity to experience and share much healing and wisdom. Herbal Ally gift sets may include (but are not limited to) a combination of the following:
~custom tea blend
~custom plant spirit mister/essential oil mister
~custom plant spirit medicine bottle
~custom therapeutic oil/perfume
~herbal ally sache
~custom salve or balm

~custom shampoo + body wash
~custom body powder or facial clay
~custom bath salts
Created and Bundled with Love, and an accompanying scroll detailing the Herbs featured and their virtues.
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1 review for Custom Plant Ally Bundle

  1. Maile Melcher (verified owner)

    Shawn is an outstandingly wise mama with a stunning Heart. Her craft is beyond this world, yet purely from it. This is my second time receiving her famous Plant Spirit Ally Reading + Bundle, where you receive intuitively chosen gifts using an array of natural forces, her presence and a pendulum. She consistently moves me each time I reflect on her readings and uses her highly energized & love infused concoctions! Her healing bundles have made be beam out smiles and shed releasing tears! (Much needed) Thank SO much for everything, my herbal Sea Star! I highly recommend this gorgeous mama to all my friends out here reading this! I wish I could give this 10+ Stars!

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