Coconut Flower Essence




Coconut- Vitality

The coconut tree stands in loving awareness; it sees all and does not reject or turn away from anything. Coconut offers a loving path upwards, and speaks to a relationship with humans built over many years of nurturance. The coconut tree’s strength lies in its flexibility; it can move with the wind and withstand cyclones. It demonstrates incredible endurance and perseverance. It is steadfast and mindful, simple and wholesome, and awakens these qualities within. Coconut can offer balance to those with an access of Air, or for those who are experiencing swift changes in thought, ideas, or emotions, and bring clarity to seemingly complicated situations with many perspectives and emotions. Coconut offers the stamina to overcome obstacles, and rise into inner bliss and freedom. Associated with the Crown Chakra

About Flower Essences:

Flower Essences are nature’s remedy for emotional health and balance. A flower essence is the vibrational imprint of a flower in water, stabilized in brandy. Flower essences work through the process of harmonic resonance, that is, as we interact with an essence, our vibration shifts to resonate with the vibration of the flower. We see the qualities of the flower and become attune with the same qualities within ourselves. As we align, we may notice harmonizing shifts in how we feel, think and perceive.

This collection of plant spirits are from the Big Island of Hawaii, where Pele, the Volcano Goddess, lights up the night with her glow and creates new Earth everyday. The plants and flowers that grow from her lava are infused with her bright, alchemical energy. I am grateful and honored to share their loving and transformative medicine. Enjoy In love!

Ways to Enjoy Vibrational Remedies:
~Shake bottle vigorously and…~
*place a few drops under the tongue several times a day
*drop in water, tea, juice, your morning elixir of choice
*place in shampoo, bathwater, or perfume
*drop in spray bottle and spritz body, room, pillows, car
*hold bottle during meditation or drop in infusers
~Keep a dream journal and follow your heart~

This listing is for one ½ oz. dropper bottle. Stock bottles, spray bottles, and custom blends available upon request ☺

*Please note, these are vibrational remedies and are not scented.



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