Yarrow Body Oil {Purification, Boundaries, White Light}



Y A R R O W  |  Body Oil

{White Light, Circulation, Protection, Boundaries, Openness, Inspiration, Healing}

Yarrow Body oil is a lustrous combination of organic oils infused with peak season local yarrow and gently blended with blue yarrow essential oil. Offered simply as a way to nourish the body while connecting with the wonderful virtues of plant friend, yarrow.

Virtues of Yarrow

Yarrow flower has an amazing ability to ease the mind and spirit.

On a physical level, Yarrow:

-works with our bodies to circulate the blood, break up stagnation, and create movement back to source.  This action of circulation and re-circulation increases the body’s ability to heal from wounds, assists with stimulating stagnant menstrual cycles, and is helpful for massaging out knots and areas of tension in our shoulders, neck and back.

-Yarrow also offers astringent properties that stitch together the tissue of the skin.  In wound care, this contributes to Yarrow’s ability to help stop bleeding and speed the healing process of cuts and scrapes.  In skin care, this action has a great ability to reduce wrinkles and bring a youthful glow to the face.

-A bit of yarrow infused oil on the feet causes a profound sensation of opening and releasing, while a drop or two yarrow oil on the abdomen works wonderfully to cleanse the gut.

Spiritually, Yarrow:

-activates our solar plexus and will power to use our power in service to the light.

-assists with stitching together our aura, repairing rips or tears. With a strong aura and arc line we feel a sense of energetic power and protection that carries us through our days, allowing us to feel confident and effective.

-supports our openness and moving circuitry- when we are most open and vulnerable, we have the best ability to heal and protect ourselves, due to our openness to receiving and sharing purity of light.

Overall, the spirit of yarrow supports us in maintaining a state of open protectedness, from which we are able to shine the light of love and compassion onto others, triggering a deep healing response for all involved.

Invitations for usage: Apply liberally as desired anywhere there is skin!

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