Rosemary Hydrosol – 100% Pure Steam Distilled Rosemary Officinalis


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Our rosemary hydrosol is fragrant and fresh!  Rosemary hydrosol is created simply from the garden and we do not separate out the oils that rise to the top after distillation, making this formula rich in natural plant oils.

~Rosemary:: Growth + RemembranceRosemary is cleansing and purifying, and assists our skin and mind through periods of heat and breakouts. Her stimulating actions promote strength and regrowth and her aroma stimulates our memories. Rosemary carries the energy of focused awareness and calls this forth within.

To Use:
~Simply spray in hair and skin as desired or add a splash to bathwater
~Use on its own as a facial toner or as an ingredient to create on of your very own.
~Add to drinking waters and fresh juices to create flavorful and refreshing elixirs
Blends well with Coconut, Mint, and Orange Blossom.

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