Mugwort Hydrosol – Steam Distilled Artemis Vulgaris


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Mugwort hydrosol is herbaceous with a subtle and surprising sweet note.  Our mugwort hydrosol is created simply and we do not separate out the oils that rise to the top after distillation, making this formula rich in natural plant oils.

~ Vision and Release ~

Mugwort is energetically cooling and releasing and is prized in herbalism for visioning, dreaming and remembrance. In folklore, mugwort is known for opening a connection to one’s ancestors and their blessings; remembering in our DNA the path that has been traveled to get to the present moment. Mugwort offers the spirit of forgiveness and shares that the light of forgiveness heals all trauma. In skincare, mugwort is purifying and protecting.

To Use:
~Simply spray in hair and skin as desired or add a splash to bathwater
~Add to waters and juices to create revitalizing elixirs
~Spritz environment to cleanse energy and enhance the senses
~Spritz before bed to intentionally enter the dream realm


Blends well with Rose and Lavender

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