Bougainvillea Flower Essence




Bougainvillea Flower Essence
Imagination • Freedom • Protection
The Spirit of Bougainvillea flower assist us in using our imagination to create the life of our dreams. Through connecting with our inner world, we provide ourselves with nourishment and inspiration needed to live a vivid, colorful, meaningful life. The imagination has an important function to offer: weaving together what is with what is possible.
Bougainvillea flower presents itself as a bush, shrub, tree and or vine depending on where it is growing. It tends to morph and change and not mind at all about it. It offers a balance in freedom, growth and adaptability. You are free to grow in the ways you choose. (Even if that displeases others). When our conditioning or old growth patterns no longer are serving us, it is time to look inward and reemerge with creative new ways of being.
The Spirit of Bougainvillea offers information on protecting our inner space. The branches are covered in thorns: the closer inward to the base of the tree you get, the larger and sharper those thorns become. The flowers are tiny and white at the tip, resembling eyes attached at the base to a bright pink cape. The vivid color attracts you, and as you peer inward the intricate beauty inside is revealed. However, it is important to move slowly and with care to avoid injury from the thorns. In this way, Bougainvillea Spirit teaches us about building trust and intimacy, and protecting our inner space while still offering a warm, inviting and attractive vibration.
Keywords: Imagination • Freedom • Protection
~Root, Sacral and Third Eye Chakras~


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