Artemis Dream Oil



A R T E M I S  { Dream Oil }


Mugwort + Sweet Annie New Moon infusion  Oil to assist with dreamwork and ancestral remembrance.

Made with Wildcrafted Seaside Mugwort (Artemesia Vulgaris), Sweet Annie (Artemis Annua) and a unique blend of artemisia essential oils.


Through our Dreams, we connect with our subconscious wishes and desires, we encounter our deepest wounds, and receive divine signs and symbols to guide us in our waking life.  Dream Rituals help us to recall and process the information we receive while we are sleeping.
 Use Artemis Dream Oil to create a Ritual suited to you.
~Anoint your third eye, heart and feet before bed or meditation.
~Prepare a candlelit bath, add a dropperful of Artemis Oil, and soak before bed.
~Apply a few droppers all over the body for deep relaxation and release into sleep.
~Keep a Journal near you to write your dreams upon waking.
Enjoy in Love
*Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding
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