Flowers. Their mysterious allure has captivated our species with their timeless messages. One way that Flowers interact with their environment is through the power of attraction. They engage our senses in visual and aromatic allure with vivid colors and scents. They engage our subtle bodies and energy fields as well. When flowers express themselves through blossoming, they project a vital vibrational field. If we tune into their frequency, we can unlock little mysteries of Creation.

If you notice that you are drawn to a particular flower, it could hold a special message for you. Our Flower Allies captivate us through our senses first, and then when we slow down enough to look deeper, we become engaged on a soul level. This is the heart of plant spirit medicine. Immersed in the energy of a Flower, we begin to get a glimpse of the world through her eyes. We begin to understand an aspect of being-ness in a new way that we hadn’t seen before.  We can apply this to our lives, the cycles we go through, our relationship patterns and habits of thought.

In the presence of the blossoming flower, we blossom as well, and expand our own vibrational pull.

Ready to Tune into the Flower Frequency? Here are a few tips to get you started.

~Observation in Nature

Study a plant in its natural environment. Flowers give us clues to help us identify how they might help us. By observing a Flower’s color, shape, growth pattern and environment, we gather information and begin to make a connection with something we already know. For example, if a plant expresses the color red, it may pertain to the blood, root chakra, energetically cooling anger or churning fire. Plants with yellow aspects often reflect an association with the bile and digestive health. Certain plants resemble the organ system or theme that they have an affinity for. For example, Gotu Kola, a brain tonic, has little green leaves that resemble brains. Juniper, a lung and breath helper, has leaves that resemble bronchial tubes.  The visual blueprint that Nature provides is referred to as the Doctrine of Signatures.

~Observation of Ourselves

Practice awareness of your sensations. As we practice observing the Doctrine of Signatures, we begin to catalog the colors, shapes and growth patterns we see with information and experiences already stored in our brain and memory. It is helpful at this time to observe the thoughts, feelings, perceptions and sensations that arise in the body in response to the Flower. This information holds seeds of consciousness about how we can grow spiritually/emotionally in the area that comes to mind. The intuitive connection that is made between observation of the flower and observation of oneself is a catalyst for a new cycle of awareness and understanding. For example, if you begin to feel a tingling sensation somewhere in your body, notice where that is. If it is in the stomach, themes such as digestion, strength, will power and joy might be coming up for exploring.


Interacting with Flowers through a creative process is a great way to slow down and level with their frequency. When we are in creative mode, we are able to simultaneously give and receive. We give the Flower our awareness and attention, and we receive its healing vibrations and messages. As we create, we clear space within ourselves to listen. Sketching your plant allies is one way to engage creatively. Through drawing, you are observing the plant in fine detail, etching it into your memory, and creating pathways between its image, your heart, and hands. Singing to a Flower can help to create a bond that leads to further blossoming together. Use voice to create a dialogue. Practice asking a question and listening for the answer that comes from within.  When you look back on your sketch, or sing your song, you will be connected again to your experience with the flower, remember, and practice bringing her vibration into your everyday thoughts, perceptions, and decisions. Trust your intuition and your unique creative process, as we interact more and more with our flower friends, we receive more and more ideas of how to interact creatively. As your energy and your flower friends energy merges, you begin to co create and manifest your most exquisite visions of harmony.

Enjoy the Flower Frequency in Playful Delight! img_4423

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