Grief Relief: Heart Healing Elixir

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G R I E F ? R E L I E F
~Grief Relief~
Rose and Rose Quartz Tincture, Rose Flower Essence, Bleeding Heart Flower Essence + Honey

This flower essence and tincture formula is created for those experiencing grief, shock, heartache, nostalgia, and all maladies of the heart. Bleeding Heart Flower Essence helps our hearts grow, proclaiming that it is natural for our heart to shed its skin, as a part of growing and realizing one’s capacity for divine love. She assists us through the sometimes painful and shocking transitions that are required during this process, including releasing others, unhinging from codependency, and developing true compassion. Paired with Rose + Rose Quartz tincture and Rose Flower Essence in this red hued formula for grief and heartwork. ??

To use: shake well and drop a few drops under the tongue or a dropperful in water or tea 2-3x/day as needed for heartache or every 10 minutes as needed to restabilize and move through intense emotions.


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