~Plumeria Plant Spirit Medicine~

Keywords: Restoration, Sweetness, Enjoyment, Healing, Memories, Resilience, Confidence

Plumeria, also known as Frangipani, is known in tropical areas for its delicate beauty and intoxicatingly sweet fragrance.  In the Hawaiian islands, Plumerias are used to create beautiful leis for weddings, celebrations, and welcoming guests.  With their sweet scent and cheerful colors, Plumeria flowers exude and reflect within us states of tranquility, peace, and happiness.

When I think of Plumeria, a memory sticks out in my consciousness.  I was out walking on a rainy day with my daughter, about a year ago.  We had plucked up Plumeria flowers that had fallen from our tree, and carried them along on our walk.  She tossed a flower into a puddle, and I became entranced.  The image of the bright and sweet Plumeria floating on the murky puddle pulled me deep into thought.  Not so pleasant memories of childhood events emerged in the dark reflection of the puddle.  However, with the Plumeria flower resting on the surface, rather than falling into darkness, I felt a serene and tranquil grace present itself where feelings of sadness and victimization once resided.

As I connected more with Plumeria, I learned more about her take on trauma, its effect on our brain functioning, and embodying resilience.  Daydreaming with Plumeria, I saw a moving picture of my brain.  It appeared as an attic, dusty and full of boxes overflowing with memorabilia.

As I looked around at the disorder, I felt sensations such as panic, fear, and anxiety arise in my consciousness.  Taking a deep breath, Plumeria restored my connection to safety and capability, and I began to restore order to the room, box by box, file by file, memory by memory.  When I had finished, the space was clear, open and full of sunlight.  Pictures flashed forward of all of the activities that I could now enjoy in this once space, long avoided.  There was plenty of room to stretch and grow.  It had become a space for new movement and inspiration to blossom forth.  Perhaps most importantly, it had become a space where I could fully breathe, rest, and function without fear or anxiety.  Order had been restored.

Reflecting on this daydream, I feel a deep resonance with the symbolism presented to me.  Our brain can be likened to a house or room full of memories and associations.  Each box of our “stuff” is packed with countless neural connections.

When we experience trauma, we store these memories in such a way that they attract a lot of clutter.  Build up of this clutter can leave us in a ‘brain fog’ of sorts.  We may feel unclear, confused, unable to remember, or out of sorts, especially when these neural pathways to our box of trauma are triggered.  The loving vibrations that emanate from the spirit of the Plumeria flower help us to address this build up, work through our scar tissue, and re-store our mental clarity and optimal brain functioning through examination and organization of our memories, and our thoughts and feelings about them.

How?  Plumeria shares that to restore our memories in a way that is helpful to us, we can rewrite the stories we tell ourselves around these memories.  Breaking down the meaning and structure of Plumeria’s keyword, restoration, we can glimpse into this concept.  When we think of something as restorative, we often think of it as being nurturing, restoring our wellbeing, rebuilding or bringing vitality.  Within the structure of this word, we have re (to repeat or do over) and store (to hold, a space for holding and organizing).  When we revisit a memory and shed a new light on it, we can file it in a new way in our brains.  Doing so, we reorganize the neural pathways associated with our painful memories so that more of them lead to joy.  We let go of baggage and experience greater clarity, focus, and fulfillment in life.

If it sounds overwhelming or complicated, take a breath.  (Preferably a breath full of Plumeria).  I thought so too.  However, Plumeria has assured me that nature’s perfect design has a plan for easeful, natural and automatic healing.

Here is where vibrational healing steps in and creates minor adjustments that lead to major shifts.  Plumeria creates this effect through the connection between memory and aroma.  The same part of the brain that is responsible for processing and memory of emotional reactions is also responsible for regulating our sense of smell.  Plumeria uses the sweetness of her aroma to reach deep into the amygdala, this processing center, and fill it with tranquil, healing light.  As such, we feel a deep relief, and let go, even if just a little more with each breath.

Plumeria Flower Bud

Budding Plumeria Flower

Plumeria Flower Spirit projects resilience and beauty.  While she is sweet, fragile, and generous, she is also self-healing, protecting, and regenerative.  This resilience allows her to fully blossom, to grow even when uprooted and replanted, and to protect herself from disease.  The Plumeria tree contains a sap that flows from the branches where the flowers and leaves are plucked or the branches cut.  This white milky sap is self healing and is powerfully antiseptic for the plant.  While the sap is mildly toxic to humans, (it can cause a rash or irritation on the skin and eyes), it functions to protect the area that has been wounded, ensuring the plant will recover and continue to thrive.

When we connect with the spirit of Plumeria, we awaken within us our ability to self heal.  As such, Plumeria helps us connect with our confidence in ourselves and our talents and capabilities.

Plumeria archetypes carry a cheerful, optimistic disposition, often despite the many obstacles and hardships life has presented them.  They are resilient and strong, and exude a sense of safety, calm and capableness that puts those around them at ease.

I am enjoying connecting with Plumeria this month and have been experimenting with ways to infuse and distill her angelic healing scent!  Look out for the results in this month’s Flower Spirit Subscription Box, featuring Plumeria 🙂

Flower Spirit: Plant Ally Bundle Subscription Series~ Featuring Plumeria

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The Spiral Path: Flower Spirit Ceremony

Do you have a connection with Plumeria?  I’d love to hear from you.  Please comment or message me and we can continue the conversation.  Mahalo for reading!  Plumeria blessings to all!


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