Keywords: Clarity ~ Renewal ~ Rapture ~ Womankind

Hibiscus appears dressed in her vibrant and vivid colors. Her bright and energetic allure is attractive and inviting. As you approach her realm, you begin to feel nourished, restored and excited. Within her center, she is a rich, dark red. The richness of her center spills out to her long, open petals, feeding them with color. Her petals are bright, yet she keeps the deepest hues close to her core. Her long, bright stamen reaches out far beyond her petals, brushing your nose with sweet pollen and causing your cheeks to blush as you breathe in her fresh, clean aroma.

Hibiscus teaches us how to love and respect ourselves. Her lesson is about nourishment. How do we renew and replenish our bodies and spirits, when so much outside of us has the power to deplete us? With life on social media, TV, movies, etc., we are exposed to various projections of what is expected of Womankind. Our views about a Woman’s role in society, home, the bedroom, in relationship, at work, and with herself are rapidly changing. Hibiscus helps us to drop into our center, our heart, and connect authentically with ourselves, without the noise and distraction of the world projected outside of us. Our breath deepening, we shed the labels and break free from the standards, allowing a new wave of clarity to fill our sacred feminine space with vibrant and colorful light. With clarity, we understand our own essence, our own desires, and set forth on our own unique path.

When we feel pulled in too many directions, or confused about our gifts and needs, what we have to offer, and what we are capable of giving, Hibiscus draws us deeper into ourselves, helping us to simplify and reclaim our space. In times of confusion and disconnection, it is essential to provide nurturance to the body. When we care for our bodies, the mind will follow its lead. Good nutrition helps build feelings of security, of having enough, and of being enough.

When we nurture ourselves, deeply and truly, as a daily practice, the beautiful and secure energy we radiate nourishes others. The more we nurture ourselves, the more we have to give, and the more interested we become in giving. We feel good, so we share that goodness naturally. As we tend to our root chakra and body with nurturance, we harmonize our sexual source, clearing out old, abused or outdated ideas regarding who we are and what we have to offer. We clear space for the next level of awareness, connection, and sensual delight.


Allow pink electric light to fill your being, starting from your root, and moving upward, restoring and replenishing your vital organs. Allow all of your cells to be saturated in the light. Drink in the deep and bright color, sipping it down into your body. This is what it is to taste your own Aura, the energy that you are generating. Allow this energy to feed you at the deepest level, filling your well with vibrant love energy.

Reflection Questions:
What does it mean to you to be a woman?
What do you wish to foster, cultivate, nurture and give life to?
What does beauty mean to you?

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