Breath of the Heart: The Healing Spirit of Rose
Keywords: Radiance ~ Clarity ~ Freedom ~ Love

“Align yourself with the vibration of love, and all will fall into place”

The Rose is a timeless symbol of the growth and expansion of love, and helps us to connect with our own essence as a source of blossoming love. Roses help our hearts to open and heal, uplift us in times of grief and shock, and help our eyes to see the beauty and miracles within and around us.

For as long as I can remember, Roses have been a part of my sensory experience. Growing up along the coastline of New Jersey offered daily walks along the beach, where Wild Beach Rose, Queen Anne’s Lace, Yarrow and Mugwort grow abundantly in community amidst the sand dunes and salty sea breeze. As a child, being amongst the wild roses and watching the waves always filled me with a sense of calm; a feeling of being at home within myself; a joyful connection to my own wild, sovereign and loving nature.

When you look at a Rose, what do you see? Rose petals are shaped like tiny hearts, each one folded together in layers to make a blossom. As Rose receives the light of the sun and opens, her layers unfold to reveal an interconnection of tiny hearts. As she continues to blossom, her outer layers naturally and freely fall to the ground, covering Earth in an array of rich, sweet aroma and color.

Rose teaches the lessons of the heart, and reflects to us how to embody and vibrate love energy. In the presence of Rose energy, I feel my heart open and expand to receive the love of generations of kin. I feel protected and embraced in spiral arms of radiant pink light. I feel my own love essence naturally flowing outward as an offering to the world around me. I feel the breath of my heart deepen, and I sip the golden light of its radiance. This radiance offers me sweet relief from the aches and longings of the heart, and connects me to a flowing source of clarity, royal worth, and deep peace. Yes, you are the answer to your grandmother’s prayers, Rose tells me.

The energy of Rose help us to relieve our feelings of karmic debt, and connect us to the love of our ancestors. Just as each petal naturally falls away, allowing the next layer to blossom, we too, can embrace a gentle process of healing and letting go.

Generational healing does not have to be hard, she says. It naturally happens as each child is born. The new generation carries the perfect combination of characteristics to naturally continue the work of the last. Karmic “debts” are paid, and the promise of love renewed as gently as the petal falls to the ground.

When we feel open, loved, and supported by generations of our kin, we are able to see and connect with the beauty inside of and around us. We become aligned with our highest joys and deepest offerings. We radiate our loving essential nature into the world, uplifting Earth and her beings.

May you go forth with the confidence of limitless, infinite love!

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