Cultivating Good Will and Service: Patchouli Plant Spirit Medicine

What is the first word to come to mind when you hear or smell Patchouli? Hippie, perhaps? Patchouli Plant Spirit Medicine inspires in us a sense of brother/sisterhood, goodwill towards ourselves and others, and connects us to the spirit of God living within us. When we think of the “hippie” stereotype, it makes good sense that someone who embraces the sharing of Peace and Love would be attracted to the blessings and support Patchouli has to offer humanity.

Patchouli inspires deep and connective breathing patterns. As we breath, we inhale oxygen and feed it to the cells of our body. The deeper we can breathe, the deeper we can deliver the oxygen to our entire system. Oxygen, energetically, is equivalent to love and nourishment.

Patchouli shares that oxygen is the divine love of God, available to us at all times. When we inhale, we fill our mind and body with love. It opens, awakens, and feeds our cells. Our cells become saturated and overflowing with love, and we exhale. As we exhale, we share the flow of love energy outward and project it into our environment. This is the true meaning of INSPIRATION.

As we become inspired by something we see or hear outside of us, or feel within us, we stir and awaken to our own beauty and talents. We are inspired to action to share our own beauty, insight, wisdom and love. We are inspired by love, and deliver love. Patchouli wants to help us connect this truth with our every breath. Inhale Love, Exhale Love. Repeat for all of Life.

Breath (exhalation) is a powerful tool for transformation, healing, and casting spells (manifesting the future). Our word is our breath and our breath is naturally attuned towards loving speech. Patchouli reminds us to connect and align our breath with our speech. The love of God is delivered to us through the process of inspiration. As such, the process of exhalation, or speaking, is the same Love delivered through us to others.

Through our words, tone of voice, and the quality of exhalation, we can add more peace, beauty, comfort and contentment. We can create peace, or destroy it. Patchouli’s medicine is to help build our awareness around this exchange, supporting our most authentic voice and encouraging impeccable speech.

When we speak and breath consciously through meditation, thoughtful word, mantra, song and prayer, we feed oxygen (LOVE) to our brain and create new neural pathways of thought, insight, and action. We become confident and empowered to express our divine gifts and talents. We live in the light of our true purpose and our light assists in guiding and awakening others. Our exhalation becomes our gift of love, our service to God and humanity, delivered at every breath. Patchouli empowers those who wish to take their loving word and thoughts and express them through service to humanity.

Given the emphasis on breath, Patchouli has tremendous power to help our bodies relax. As we deepen our breathing patterns and relax, we allow our bodies to release tension we have built up and stored in our muscles, cells and minds. Working with Patchouli in Aromatherapy and topically with patchouli leaf infused oil can assist the body to release toxins and chemical build up we have been exposed to over time through our environment. As we release toxins, we become more light and spacious, and our cells have more room to receive the nourishment we feed it through breathing, exercising, foods and medicines. We naturally become attracted to foods, drinks, activities and environments that nourish us and feed our light. As we clear out physically and release toxins and tension, we breathe deeper, connect our bodies with God’s love, and receive deeper and deeper levels of nourishment. We become so full of love and clear energy that we are able to send and shoot this energy out through our thoughts, words, and actions. We are so full up that it spills out naturally, especially where it is needed the most.

This is how Patchouli Plant Spirit Medicine helps us answer our soul’s calling to service.

As we develop the light in our body temple, we become a light house for others. We reach out in goodwill to serve humanity; to uplift and assist others.

We are inspired to act, and Love becomes a verb. Patchouli would like to support those who feel called to Loving Action in the form of service, particularly that involves the use of the hands. Those involved in or inspired by healing arts involving the hands, such as Reiki, Massage, Painting, Elderly Care, Nursing, etc, or occupations involving the throat chakra and breathing such as Teachers, Yoga and Meditation Instructors, Singers, Speakers, Priests, Birthworkers, etc may benefit from the vibrational energy Patchouli has to offer.

Thank you for reading 🙂  If you have a story to share, we’d love to hear from you!  Please comment below or connect with us through the Contact Form.  Patchouli Love and Blessings to All!

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