Tulsi Spirits : Flower Essence + Tincture Combination Elixir {Harmony and Adaptation}



T U L S I  S P I R I T S

Flower Essence and Tincture Combination Elixir

Keywords: Inner Rythm, Adaptation, Focus, Harmony

Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is a brain nourishing herb that is celebrated for promoting healthy bio-rythms, a relaxed state of clarity, focused connection to inner guidance and adaptability to stress. This tasty elixir combines tulsi flower essence with double extracted tulsi tincture for enjoyment of the sweet and spicy properties and connection to the spirit of harmony this herb offers.

Usage Possibilities: shake well and administer 2-3 drops directly under tongue or in water, tea or cocktails to enjoy the benefits of tulsi holy basil.


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