Smudge Tonic – Steam Distilled Pure Hydrosol Blend

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Smudge Tonic – 100% Pure Steam Hydrosol Blend

Sage | Mugwort | Rosemary | Evergreen | Beach Rose

~ Immunity + Boundaries ~

Smudge Tonic is a hydrosol blend of our favorite herbs and flowers for energetic cleansing, blessing + protection.  Featuring local Sage, Mugwort, Rosemary, Evergreen and Beach Rose steam distilled in copper. This gently fragrant blend encourages clear, grounded and focused states of mind, heart opening, psychic connection, boundaries and protection. The scent is savory and earthy with sweet rosy undertones. In ceremony, this collection of herbs is used to integrate and focus collective energies, encourage loving intent and exchange blessings.

smudge tonicKeywords:

Sage | Clear + Sanctify

Mugwort | Inner Vision + Ancestors

Rosemary | Growth + Remembrance

Evergreen | Wisdom + Stillness

Beach Rose | Radiance + Freedom

To Use:
~Spritz environment to cleanse energy and enhance the senses
~Spritz faces, bodies and spaces to anoint for ceremony and ritual.
~Spritz anywhere, anytime as desired for cleansing + upliftment.

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