Rose Water Shampoo + Body Wash



It’s all about the roses.

Rose Water Shampoo and Body Wash offers a fun and luxuriously simple way to enjoy the benefits of the lovely rosa rugosa, commonly known as beach rose.

Vibrational Properties of Rose Include:

  • heart healing, especially for grief, shock and sudden relational changes.
  • beauty seeing- aligns our vision with gratitude for beauty in its many forms
  • radiance – as we open our heart we shine the light of unconditional love from our eyes and skin
  • calm and peace – helps our nervous system to feel a sense of calm and peace of mind
  • freedom – authenticity and being true to ourselves for the benefit of all
  • unity – feelings of connection, belonging and one-ness

This herbal shampoo is created with our house made rose water distillate with roses from Rye, NH, beach rose flower essence from Ocean Grove, NJ and a nourishing tea infusion of lavender harvested from Pleasant Valley Lavender of NJ with chocolate mint dried from my mother’s garden.

Pure, simple and free from additives and toxins.

*Please Note: herbal shampoo has a shelf life of 4-6 weeks when stored in the shower, and 8 weeks when stored in the fridge. Best used fresh! Shake well before use and pour directly over head for shampooing, lather and rinse. Pairs well with Rosemary Hydrosol or Hair Tonic Hydrosol spritzed in after as a leave in conditioner.



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