Beach Rose Face Salve



Beach Rose Face Salve

Beach Rose Face Salve is a silky, fragrant and floral beauty balm that offers versatility and luxury.

Rose is prized in aromatherapy and
skin care for its regal beauty and ability to bring clarity and radiance to the heart, mind and skin.

Rose has been used for centuries in queenly beauty rituals and is a favorite for conjuring loving, open hearted feelings.

The spirit of Rose is uplifting and comforting to the heart, and provides strength during times of grief, shock and transition. Rose vibrates her loving pink frequency towards unconditional love, compassion and unity.

Rose Face Salve is formulated with roses double infused into organic sunflower and olive oils. Blended gently with organic Shea, precious rose otto essential oil, rose hip seed oil, vitamin e and rosa rugosa flower essence ~ created over time to the rhythm of cycles; the circle of the seasons, phases of the moon, and magic of eclipses.

Rose Salve can be used on face, lips, cuticles or as an all over moisturizer. Anoint Rose Salve on wrists, heart and pulse points to ritualize and support meditation, yoga, or to sanctify any moment.

To use as a beauty balm:
~Spritz Rose hydrosol or toner of choice on a clean face
~Apply a small amount of salve (start with 1/2 pea sized and adjust as needed) to damp skin and massage in face and neck.
~Appreciate your radiance and extend it out into the world.
~Set with another spritz of hydrosol

Contained in a collectible frosted glass jar featuring a golden lid and the art of Dana Lynn ~ Starseed Sprouting for the Flower Compass Deck



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