Mugwort Spirits | Flower Essence + Tincture Combination Elixir



M U G W O R T  S P I R I T S

Flower Essence and Tincture Combination Elixir

{Integration, Inner Vision, Forgiveness}

Mugwort is a dreamy, visionary herb that is celebrated for its properties of purification, integration and release. The spirit of mugwort assists us in releasing judgement and forgiving our resentments. With folklore steeped in ancestral dreaming and living wisdom, mugwort is thought to bridge us with those who have walked before us. Mugwort’s energy offers us protection and purification, ushering what is ready to leave our minds and bodies away to be received back by the earth and sky.

This subtly sweet elixir combines mugwort flower essence with mugwort tincture as a way to taste the flavors of and and enjoy the spirit of this potent plant friend!

Usage Possibilities: shake well and administer 2-3 drops directly under tongue or in water, tea or cocktails

WARNING**Artemis varieties included in this product are contraindicated for pregnancy and breast feeding. Do not use this product while pregnant or breast feeding.


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