Artemis Sole Soak | Ritual Foot Bath {Integration, Inner Vision, Forgiveness}



A R T E M I S | Sole Soak

A ritual foot bath to support integration, inner vision and forgiveness.

Artemis is a family of herbs celebrated for their potent visionary capabilities, support of the body’s integration of experiences and information, and sweet yet bitter scent and taste. The goddess archetype Artemis is characteristic of fierce, bold independence, wild wisdom and affinity for the moon and dreaming. Artemis sole soak is intended to assist the body and mind in release, integration and forgiveness, and connection to inner vision.

Artemis Sole Soak combines several varieties of artemesia plants such as mugwort, sweet annie and davana with mineralizing epsom and pink sea salts and grounding french green clay.

WARNING**Artemis varieties included in this package are contraindicated for pregnancy and breast feeding. Do not use this product while pregnant or breast feeding.

The Ritual:

Our feet connect us to our roots and the path we have walked before through our ancestors. Ask Artemis to help you connect with the ancestral wisdom living within you, as you prepare a ritual foot bath. Prepare a large pot or bucket (big enough to comfortably fit two fit) by filling it with clean, room temperature water. Add 2 tablespoons of Artemis Sole Soak and stir in. Put the tea kettle on to heat up as you drop into your inner space. Light a candle and when the kettle is ready, add hot water to your bucket to your desired level of heat. Soak for 11-22 minutes. Follow with Artemis Dream Oil or moisturizer of your choice to restore hydration, offer grounding and seal the ritual. Blow out the candle and allow the smoke of what has been released to be carried away into the ether.

Artemis Sole Soak






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