Quan Yin~ Compassionate Breast Massage Oil



Quan Yin ~ Compassionate Breast Massage Oil

Created for self loving compassionate breast massage with garden flower infusions, and premium therapeutic grade essential oils. Named in honor of Quan Yin, a Chinese Goddess celebrated for her loving awareness and compassion. Quan Yin heard the cry of the world and turned away from Nirvana/afterlife in order to return to Earth and dedicate her life to bring relief to suffering, and transmute lower energies into pure love through loving awareness. She helps people to care for their hearts. Our breasts in many ways are an extension of our hearts~ they absorb and hold within them physical and emotional energy from within one’s own heart and also the world at large. In order to care for our heart, we must care for our breasts. Bringing loving awareness to our breasts through daily massage is a way to express caring not only for ourselves, but for others as well, as we clear the way of compassion for ourselves, we do so for the world as well. Call upon Quan Yin to help cultivate ultimate compassion.

This Breast Massage Oil is very uplifting, yet powerful in its ability to move energy and toxins in the lymph, encourage healthy blood flow, and moisturize and care for the soft, supple, delicate yet strong and vital tissue we call our breasts!

Lovingly handcrafted with Sunflower and Avocado oil infusions of Melissa, Fennel, Violet and Hibiscus, and blended with Reiki Charged Premium oils of Hawaiian Sandalwood, Rose Otto, Melissa, Lavender + Helichrysum. Gentle hints of Smoky, Earthy and Floral Tones.

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