Plant Spirit Journey – Monthly Wisdom Circle


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P L A N T  S P I R I T  J O U R N E Y  M O N T H L Y  W I S D O M  C I R C L E

Plant Spirit Journeying is an ancient practice that uses the heartbeat of the drum to connect with the vibration of the Plant Kingdom, where energy and information is exchanged.  Sacred transmissions and healing vibrations are transferred while in this altered state of consciousness; the experience is unique to each individual, however often times thematic messages will be shared at the group level, meaning each flower we meet has an inclination for teaching us about harmonizing specific virtues and  areas of our lives.  Journaling and dialoguing about our experience helps us to integrate and understand the messages we receive and tap into each other’s inherent and essential wisdom.


A U T U M N   S C H E D U L E : 

Thursday, September 20th  6 – 7:30 pm  – Lavender

Thursday, October 25th  6 – 7:30 pm – Sage

Thursday, November 29  6 – 7:30 pm – Cedar

B R I N G :

a journal, pen, mat or blanket to lay on, drinking water, and special items for our community altar (flowers, stones, shells, photographs, tokens and trinkets)

L O C A T I O N :

~ N E W  E A R T H  H E A L I N G  G I F T S ~ 


$25 Advance  ~  $30 Door

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