Copal Resin Salve



C O P A L  R E S I N  S A L V E with Jasmine and Rose

{ Clarity + Blessing }

Copal Resin is a ritual sap used to clear energy and bless our spaces, bodies, and actions. Communing with copal gently eases the mind into states of clarity, where inner wisdom can be felt. In this way, Copal assists in deepening our healing experiences, and allowing them to seep further into our body and consciousness.

In skincare, Copal helps restore and replenish the skin cells after exposure to the elements (sun + wind + environmental toxins). Copal is clarifying and toning as it tightens and brightens the skin.

In this salve, copal resin is melted with beeswax, blended with rose infused sunflower oil, and topped with sweet drops of copaiba and jasmine essential oils.  Its texture is soft and buttery and softens as it is massaged into the skin. Its aroma is light, sweet, deep and exotic.

To Use: Apply as desired to damp or dry skin.


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