Beach Rose Hydrosol – Steam Distilled Rosa Rugosa



Stop and smell the Roses with this wild crafted Beach Rose Hydrosol handmade in small batches in our copper still.

Beach Rose Hydrosol is a light and fragrant floral mist that is cooling and uplifting.

Rose is prized in aromatherapy and skin care for its regal beauty and ability to bring clarity and radiance to the heart, mind and skin.

Rose has been used for centuries in queenly beauty rituals and is a favorite for conjuring loving, open hearted feelings.

The spirit of Rose is uplifting and comforting to the heart, and provides strength during times of grief, shock and transition. Rose vibrates her loving pink frequency towards unconditional love, compassion and unity.

Spritz with abandon on and around body or use as a facial toner. (Follow with moisturizer or this Rose Salve) Spritz rooms and linens for an uplifting environmental spray.


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